Japanese Students

Japanese Students
Posted on 10/11/2017
Japanese Students

A rousing welcome last week awaited six students and a sponsor visiting Mike Moses Middle School from the Japanese city of Kagoshima.

The group is the second in two weeks to visit Nacogdoches, part of long-standing arrangements between Japan’s Kagoshima Ikueikan Junior High, Amami City Public Schools and Nacogdoches ISD. In May, students from McMichael and Mike Moses Middle Schools will visit their Japanese counterparts.

Last week, the six students from Ikueikan Junior High entered Mike Moses gym to raucous cheers and band music. Principal Stephen Autrey welcomed the students and their sponsor before the Japanese visitors introduced themselves.

Ikueikan students visiting Mike Moses include, Hinano Kuroiwa, Shion Hagie, Kazutoshi Komasa, Kakeru Ikenaga, Kazuki Komasa and Fiona Nishikawa. The group’s teacher is Kazuhiro En. Host students from Mike Moses include, Emma Presley, Sean McCartney, Micah Bradsher and Mason Stokes. Sponsors at the school are Jody Franks and Emily Miller.

Students at Mike Moses are visited Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin and met Nacogdoches Mayor Shelley Brophy on Wednesday. They also visited Glass Castles in downtown Nacogdoches on and will spend Oct. 20 at Stephen F. Austin State University’s Rec Outdoor Pursuits.

The students head home Oct. 23.

Last week, eight boys and seven girls from Amami City Public Schools left Nacogdoches after spending 10 days in the city and attending classes at McMichael Junior High. Amami City is on an island located southwest of the Japanese mainland (Ikueikan is in Kagoshima City on the larger island of Kyushu).

At McMichael, Principal Tim Mullican welcomed the visitors from Japan, then each visiting student and their McMichael host introduced themselves.

Two sponsors - teachers Akira Arata and Anzu Kanada - joined the students.

Japanese students that visited McMichael include, Niina Miyazawa, Yuki Takida, Rikiya Bizen, Maiko Tsubat, Tesshin Yoshida, Chitose Yojima, Risei Takami, Mitsuki Murata, Ruka Nakano, Manako Okamura, Kana Okumiya, Keigo Hamasaki, Juri Senta, Tanaka Kotoro and Sosei Fukuzaki.

Host students at McMichael were, Mia Bentley, Daniel Chandler, Isaak Cuevas, Callie Dorsett, Cody Gill, Addison Heath, William Hinson, Whitley Howell, Chloe Mancuso, Rose Smith, Maya Smith, Arya Vyas, D.K. Williams, Jarren Williams and Ian Williams. Teri Choate and Melissa Jones are sponsors  at McMichael.

The program that brings the students each year to Nacogdoches will mark its 25th anniversary next year. Amami City (once named Naze City) became a sister city to Nacogdoches during the 1990s.