Top 5 Reasons to Apply to NACISD

At NacISD, we offer a partnership that puts you on track to meet your education career goals.

1. First-year teacher mentoring program — You are never alone with this program that pairs new teachers with a veteran who understands; 

2. Discounted masters program  — Attend Nacogdoches’ own Stephen F. Austin State University for a quick and less expensive way to gain educational leadership and principal certifications;

3. Forward-thinking focus on career and college readiness. — Our program seeks to have every Nacogdoches High School graduate leave with either 24 hours of college credit or a career certification.

4. Heavy district-wide emphasis on technology  — Our students live and breathe technology, so gone are the days of taking up the devices. NacISD embraces the opportunity to teach students with interactive white boards, wireless Internet available in nearly every classroom and an iPad for every teacher. 

5. Save money on continuing education hours, and we track them for you! 500 hours in 5 years may sound daunting, but NacISD is ready to help. Get nearly all of your CE hours in district for FREE, and the district will maintain the records for you.