The Nacogdoches ISD Police Department (NISD PD) was formed by a resolution passed by the School Board in September of 1993. NISD PD officially started on November 1, 1993 with the hiring of one police officer. NISD PD has grown over the past 23 years to include a Chief of Police, four police officers, a dispatcher/secretary, and two truancy officers. The Police Department’s philosophy is based on three major areas: education,intervention and law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Authority and Jurisdiction:  The NISD PD is an independent, fully functioning law enforcement agency, receiving its authority from the Texas Education Code. Nacogdoches ISD police officers have jurisdiction throughout the school district which covers approximately 262.5 square miles. The department works closely with the Nacogdoches Police Department and the Nacogdoches Sheriff’s Department on cases occurringon their overlapping jurisdiction.

Intervention: Our police officers are assigned to individual campus and are fully immersed in their assigned campuses. There are two officers assigned to Nacogdoches High School, an officer at Mike Moses Middle School and an officer at McMichael Middle school. Each officer also has specific elementary schools under their care. The NISD PD administrative staff is located at McMichael Middle School.

Our officers are available to meet with students or faculty on an individual or group basis to help resolve issues concerning criminal matters or matters which may result in a criminal offense or disturbance. By building rapport with the students, officers find out about potential offenses before they take place and are able to intervene.

Education and Training: The NISD Police Officers are available for classroom instruction on a variety of law enforcement topics geared toward the different grade levels. Additionally, officers are available to speak to faculty, parents, and community groups about any concerns they may have.

Crisis Management: The NISD Police Department is also in charge of the District Crisis Management Program. These duties consist of training staff on evacuation drills, lock down procedures, and various other emergency related procedures. The NISD Police Department also provides Crisis Management notebooks and materials to district campuses.