Uncertain, Texas

Uncertain, Texas
Posted on 01/30/2018
Uncertain, Texas

There’s an element of truth to Jessica Lee Anderson’s novel, “Uncertain Summer.”

For one thing, there really is an Uncertain, Texas, set hard along Caddo Lake northeast of Marshall near the Louisiana border, about 100 miles from Nacogdoches.

Kelsey Watkins knows about the small town. Watkins, a first-grade teacher at Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary, grew up in Uncertain and her father still lives there.

Watkins talked with Anderson Monday after the author’s visit to BQJ, part of a two-day affair where Anderson and her writer friend P.J. Hoover made the rounds at Nacogdoches ISD elementary and middle schools.

Caddo Lake is regarded as a Texas treasure. “It’s just so beautiful” Watkins said Monday. 

Watkins still gets back there on a regular basis; her father lives in Uncertain, located along the west bank of Caddo Lake. Watkin’s husband, a graduate student at Stephen F. Austin State, is in the middle of conducting a study of mercury levels in the lake as part of a dissertation.

Filled with bald cypress trees that droop over the water along with Spanish moss, Caddo Lake can come off a bit eerie, something that plays perfectly into the legend of Bigfoot that’s well known in the region… and that serves as the cornerstone of Anderson’s latest novel written for children and teens.

“I’m not a firm believer [in Bigfoot],” Watkins said with a smile.

For Watkins, Uncertain is home, filled with wonderful memories of growing up on the lake.

“The lake is just amazing,” she said.