High School STEM

High School STEM
Posted on 03/05/2018
High School STEM

Six seniors from Nacogdoches High School advanced to the State Science Fair at UTSA in San Antonio after qualifying at the East Texas Regional Science Fair in Kilgore on Friday, March 2. NHS took eight students to the regional competition where they went up against participants from public, private and charter schools in East Texas. STEM 4 students from NHS took home five specialty awards and one team placed third overall in the Senior Physical Division.

Christian Nicholas won the Mu Theta Kappa Mathematics Honor Society award for “the most challenging, thorough and creative investigation of a problem involving mathematics” with his original research examining music using graph theory.

Brennan Heath advanced to state and was recognized by the Yale Science and Engineering Society for “Most Outstanding Exhibit in Engineering, Physics, or Chemistry.” He built the first prototype for an electric kickstand just for dirt bikes.

Marin Beal, Miranda Allbee, and Brandon Smith advanced to state in the science fair for their project “Construction Over a Local Creek: Analysis of Water Quality.” The three students won a specialty award from the American Chemical Society for their work.

Rory Malek and Jessica Rogers advanced to state and won third place overall in the Senior Physical Division. They also won two specialty awards: the Geoscience Excellence Award from the Association for Women Engineers and a Regional Water Prize Award of Excellence for a water-related science project on desalination that involved designing and building a filtration system.

“The accomplishments of these students are incredible,” said Linda Autrey, Director of Advanced Academics for Nacogdoches ISD. “They are the pioneers of our STEM Academy partnership. We are so grateful to the STEM Center for all of their support for this program. Dr. Childs, Dr. Redfield, Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Greenleaf, Dr. Moore, Dr. Gravatt and all of the STEM Academy professors are so passionate about STEM and their specialty fields and have gone above and beyond to ensure the success of our students. Our students’ hard work, combined with the tremendous amount of support from our school and district administration and the SFASU STEM Center, has made this possible.”

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program at Nacogdoches High School is a partnership with Stephen F. Austin State University to engage high school students in real-world, problem-based integrated research and field experiences that help bring to life science and math applications.

The program brings exposure to STEM-related careers through field trips and opportunities to work with professionals in STEM fields.

 “When our students’ names were called over and over during the awards ceremony, people began to turn to us and ask, ‘Where are you all from? What school are you from?’” Autrey said. “We proudly told them we were Nacogdoches ISD.”

“This is the first STEM Academy graduating class from NHS,” said Autrey, who lauded the work of the students. “The students told me afterward that they learned so much from this four-year endeavor and that they were so happy to have competed and done well. They were proud of themselves and their school.”