Digital Learning

Digital Learning
Posted on 04/30/2018
Digital Learning

Seeing a child zip around on an iPad screen while a parent tries to keep up is nothing new. But Thursday’s Digital Learning Night at Thomas J. Rusk Elementary included students demonstrating online resources – both fun and educational – that parents of Nacogdoches ISD students can turn to this summer.

Allyson Rodriguez, a student in Mayra Turner’s class, eagerly showed her parents an app called Reading A-Z, one of the first-graders favorites.

There are several apps already online that NISD students and parents can turn to for additional study time or for something fun to do. And they sneak in loads of educational activities, too.

“This summer, instead of the student going to Youtube or another site, you can say ‘Why don’t you go to iStation instead?’” NISD Digital Learning Specialist Keirsten Morris told parents Thursday at TJR.

Morris and Courtni Jackson, another district specialist, visit NISD campuses and show teachers how best to tap into technology in their classrooms. They also model lessons with students to show how these apps and others can play a vital role in today’s education process.

On Thursday, the goal was to expose parents to the resources available for their use.

“The purpose tonight is your students are going to be the teachers,” Morris told parents before everyone headed to their homeroom classes. Morris has another digital learning night planned Thursday, May 3, at Raguet Elementary.

On Thursday, Turner, the first-grade teacher, provided a brief overview of links available on the NISD site (Studies Weekly, for one) before handing things off to the students in her classroom.

“You have access to this,” Turner told parents before showing more of Studies Weekly, which features magazines for all grades in both English and Spanish. The students can read along with the app on either version. “This is all ready for you,” Turner told parents. The district provides students and parents log-in information that unlocks the apps for their use.

Turner also demonstrated “It’s a great way for students to work on their typing skills,” she told parents.

The link on NISD’s website [] can be found on the Parents & Students page, which has a link at the top of the district’s homepage.

After going to the Digital Learning Resources site, there’s also a link to City of Nacogdoches’ Judy B. McDonald Public Library, which offers a number of children’s programs that are available during the summer.