Sami Kinsey

  Assistant Superintendent
 of Curriculum and Instruction 
Sami Kinsey

                      Gloria Silva                                                       Cindy Bertin
                           Bilingual Instructional Clerk                                                            Curriculum and Instruction Secretary
                                           Gloria Silva                                                                                                       Cindy Bertin
                                             Ext. 8870                                                                                                              Ext. 8864


Academic Services provides ongoing support in the areas of curriculum development, teacher technical assistance, professional development, materials acquisition, and program development. In addition, the department serves as the accountability arm of the district. All matters pertaining to classroom instruction, textbook adoption, and areas of professional development for the district are managed in the department.

The department also provides documentation and administrative support to the Board of Trustees in the area of instruction. The Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services coordinates the work of the District Advisory Committee which is charged with approving professional development and creating the school calendars.

Members of the department, in addition to their ongoing work in each area of specialty, frequently apply for competitive grants to focus on improved achievement for students.