The Texas Education Agency (TEA) accountability system evaluates district and campus performance and progress using the following measures:

District Accountability

Overview of the state Accountability System 
Explanation of Accountability Summary

Nacogdoches ISD
Nacogdoches High School 
Malcolm Rector Technical High School 
McMichael Middle School 
Mike Moses Middle School 
Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary
Emeline Carpenter Elementary 
Fredonia Elementary 
Nettie Marshall Academy of Dual Language
Raguet Elementary 
Thomas J Rusk Elementary

A-F Ratings 

The 84th Legislature passed HB 2804, changing the Texas school accountability system so that every campus and district receives one of five ratings from A-F. Much like students receive grades in individual subjects and those are combined for a GPA, the law requires schools and districts to be issued grades based on five different areas of performance or “domains,” and those five grades must be combined into a single overall rating.
The ratings will be issued for the first time in August 2018.

NISD A-F Ratings
A-F Ratings Report
A-F Overview Video 
A-F Domain Video 
A-F Accountability Resources 

Financial Transparency
Nacogdoches ISD believes its taxpayers should understand exactly how their school finances are being handled. The links on this page are dedicated to showing how priorities are set, what is budgeted and how the money is spent.

Public Education Grant (PEG) Program
The PEG list, effective for the 2017–18 school year, identifies campuses with passing rates on STAAR that are less than or equal to 50 percent for any subject in any two of the preceding three years or were rated Improvement Required by the state accountability system in 2014, 2015, or 2016.

Proposed Student Outcome Goals and Goal Progress Measures

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