Public Education Grant (PEG) Program

Public Education Grant (PEG) Program

The PEG list, effective for the 2017–18 school year, identifies campuses with passing rates on STAAR that are less than or equal to 50 percent for any subject in any two of the preceding three years or were rated Improvement Required by the state accountability system in 2014, 2015, or 2016.

Under the PEG interdistrict transfer provision, a parent of a student enrolled in any of the campuses listed may apply to a campus in another school district for the 2017–18 school year. A school district chosen by a student's parent under this statute is entitled to accept or reject the application to transfer but may not use criteria that discriminate on the basis of a student's race, ethnicity, academic achievement, athletic abilities, language proficiency, sex, or socioeconomic status.

Alternatively, a district may accept interdistrict transfers under Section 25.036 of the TEC.

Under the PEG intradistrict transfer provision, a parent of a student enrolled in any of the campuses listed may apply to attend another campus in the same school district.

Nacogdoches ISD campuses listed on the PEG Program:

District Campus Name       No. 2014 2015 2016
PEG Program List

Requirements of the PEG Program are summarized below.



Effective Date of PEG Transfers

2017–18 school year

Parent Notification Deadline

February 1, 2017


For interdistrict transfers, the district educating the child receives an additional weight of 0.1; limited to net students educated on PEG.

Interdistrict Transfers

(across districts)

These may be refused or accepted by the district receiving the transfer request.

Intradistrict Transfers

(within district)

These are explicitly permitted, although no additional funding is allotted for this type of transfer.

Continued Student Eligibility for Interdistrict Transfer

Student eligibility for PEG transfers is based on assignment to attend a PEG campus in the district of residence. Student eligibility expires upon any of the following three conditions:

· Completion of all grades offered by the campus upon which eligibility was originally based

· Removal of the campus from the PEG List

· Assignment of the student to a campus that is not on the PEG List as a result of redrawn attendance boundaries or student movement into a different attendance area

A receiving district is permitted to continue to treat a student as PEG eligible (and draw the PEG funding weight) after expiration of eligibility only if the student has not yet completed all grades on the campus to which the student transferred during the eligibility period.

Campus Identification Criteria

STAAR passing rate <= 50 percent for any subject in any two of the threepreceding years (2014, 2015, 2016) or rated Improvement Requiredin 2014, 2015, or 2016. Please note that for 2015, assessments for grades 3–8 mathematics and all subjects for STAAR A and STAAR Alternate 2 were excluded from analysis.

Transfer Restriction

A student may only transfer from a PEG campus to a non-PEG campus.

Tuition Prohibition

Tuition may not be charged to the student's parent/guardian or to the school district of residence.


The school district in which the student resides is not required to provide transportation free of charge from the PEG-listed campus to the new campus. The district is only responsible for providing the transportation it would otherwise provide (as if the student did not transfer).