The Nacogdoches ISD Career and Technical Education Department is committed to offering programs of study which prepare students for the challenges of a globally competitive workplace and able to embrace the challenges of post-secondary education. We strive to stay current with trends in business and industry and offer certifications and real-world experiences for our students that are combined with high academic standards that greatly enhance their future success. NISD CTE students have many opportunities to prepare for a highly competitive world of work.


Career and Technical Education students attending Nacogdoches ISD will be prepared with marketable skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a genuine interest in service to others as they embark on the post-secondary path of their choosing.


The Nacogdoches ISD Career and Technical Education Department, and its subsequent programs will meet the specific needs of a diverse and unique student population while continuing to provide career readiness instruction that is engaging, rigorous, and relevant to post-secondary educational standards as well as local, national, and global industry.

Why Career & Technical Education?

Research has demonstrated the value of Career and Technical Education:

  • Students with highly integrated, rigorous academic and CTE programs have significantly higher student achievement in Reading, Mathematics and Science.

  • Seven years after graduating from high school, CTE students had earnings that increased by about two percent for each additional high school CTE course they took.

  • A ratio of one CTE class for every two academic classes was shown to minimize the risk of students dropping out.

  • Nearly one-third of the fastest-growing occupations will require an associate's degree or national certification.