Safety, Student Management, and Operations

Keeping Nacogdoches ISD Safe and Secure

Our vision as the Nacogdoches Safety, Student Management, and Operations Department is to be a dynamic, continuously improving organization devoted to integrity, professionalism, service, and education in making our schools a safer and healthier place to learn, work, and play. 

Safety and Security Are Top Priorities

Safety starts when your child steps foot on the bus and continues until the last student makes it home safe.

We understand and know how important your child's safety is every day. That's why we are well ahead of state and national efforts.

How Will I Be Communicated With?

We communicate official Nacogdoches ISD news via Facebook and our Website. Parents and Students should also receive telephone and text messaging.

Contact Us

If this is an emergency, please call 911. For all other concerns, please use the contacts below.

Maury Tarvin

Maury Tarvin

Assistant Superintendent of Safety, Student Management & Campus Operations

Chanequal Tatum

Chanequal Tatum

Secretary to Executive Director of Campus Safety, Student Management & Operations

Carolyn Collier

Carolyn McDonald

Safety & Security Coordinator