New Texas law changes how public schools handle discipline placements for vaping

A new law originating in the 88th Texas Legislature changes how school districts assign discipline regarding possession of an e-cigarette device or parts of a device and now requires mandatory placement in Nacogdoches ISD’s Disciplinary Alternative Education Program, or DAEP.

House Bill 114 stipulates any student “who possesses, uses, sells, gives, or delivers to another person an e-cigarette (vape) or components of an e-cigarette (vape) will be assigned to the District’s Alternative School.” That means any student caught with an e-cigarette device or part of a device receives mandatory placement in DAEP.

While NISD is awaiting additional guidance from state agencies on implementing HB 114, the district also views the new law as an opportunity to talk with students and parents about health concerns related to vaping. 

Families are a key component of that discussion. Before classes begin at NISD on Aug. 16, we strongly urge parents to have a candid discussion with their students about not only the use and possession of e-cigarettes and penalties associated with the new law but also the concerns of health professionals about the effects of vaping.

Here are links to resources that answer some questions related to long term health concerns associated with vaping and the use of e-cigarettes:

Texas Health and Human Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Tobacco Education Resource Library

If you have questions, please contact your student’s campus.