dance club students

After returning next month from the Christmas break, McMichael Middle School will form a Ballet Folklórico Club. It’s an opportunity to teach students the typical dances performed in different regions of Mexico.

The club will be open to all middle schools on the campus. McMichael staff Caty Martinez, Mayra Toledo, and Cynthia Arredonod will lead the group.

“It will give them a glimpse of what Mexican Culture entails by giving the students an opportunity to showcase the dances to different audiences, like the younger children in the district, parents, and members of the community,” Martinez said. “We have plans of being involved in different events throughout the year, like the multicultural festival, Day of the Dead festival, and other events.

“We want to have a club where they feel like they belong and are part of something special, and if possible, join different competitions held around the area.