Heating and cooling units

It takes a lot for Nacogdoches ISD to keep cool. Or, stay warm.

NISD has more than 600 heating and cooling units at its campuses and facilities around Nacogdoches, and the district is looking to add an HVAC technician to its Plant Services staff.

The district is requiring five years experience in an HVAC field. Applicants will be able to diagnose and repair malfunctions in various types of heating and cooling systems as well as repair, replace and calibrate controls, thermostats and switches. From time to time, an HVAC tech for the district will have to install new systems or relocate and expand existing ones.

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“This is a key position for the district,” said Ralph LaRue, NISD’s Director of Facilities and Construction. “We’ve got so many units that something is almost always in need of a repair or adjustment.”

The pay range for the position ranges for a minimum hourly rate of $19.24 to a maximum of $30.17.

“There’s a lot of responsibility associated with this job,” LaRue said, “namely, ensuring dependable comfort in our facilities so that air temperature doesn’t become a distraction in the classroom.

“Obviously, we take this quite seriously.”