NHS cosmetology students

Emily Patterson was an award winning state qualifier for Jan Holland’s cosmetology program at Nacogdoches High School. Now, the 2020 NHS graduate works at Tyler salon Backbone Hair + Beauty.

On Monday, Patterson returned to Holland’s class to work with students on hair coloring. She spent several hours in the classroom with the latest group of students moving through the cosmetology program.

Holland regularly brings in professionals to work with her students. Even better when it’s an NHS grad who worked their way through the program.

On Thursday, Johanna Zepeda with Nest Spa here in Nacogdoches visited the classroom.

“Bringing in professionals like this provides a bit of a different perspective for our students,” said Holland. “And it’s even better when one of my former students can come to the classroom and talk about the professional world they’re in. My current students really hang on every word they say.”

Students who complete the cosmetology program at NHS can leave high school with experience, and more importantly, the state certifications required to quickly enter the workforce.

“Each year, we have multiple students graduate from high school and move directly into a professional salon setting,” Holland said. “It gives them so many opportunities, whether it’s to go straight into the workforce or go to college or university.”