August Wright talks about his project during the STEM IV Science Fair

Ten Nacogdoches High School students and their six projects will advance to the regional science fair in March at Kilgore College.

STEM IV students (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at NHS displayed their completed projects Tuesday on the second floor of the campus library. Judges rated and ranked the projects and declared six of them ready for the next level. Students advancing include:


Murphy Jacobie and Gracen Packard – “Zooxanthellae and Aliivibrio-fischeri: An Affinity Analysis.”

August Wright – “Golden Kiwi Root Growth Comparison.”

Kevin Zhu – “Hydroponic Phytoremediation of Copper Contamination Using Legumes.”


Isaac Servin and Oswaldo Vega: “Recycling Rubber Shoe Soles as the Coarse Aggregate in Concrete.”

Parker Bobo: “Dimpled Aircraft Wing Design.”


David Taravella, Ryan Larson and Isaac Jones: “Public Transportation Infrastructure Impact on Reduction of Driving While Intoxicated.”

Two more projects at NHS received honorable mention: Noah Satir with “Colorful Kale” and Nic Bacarisse with “Training Slime Mold.”

Parker Bobo

Murphy Jacobie and Gracen Packard

Isaac Servin and Oswaldo Vega

David Taravella, Ryan Larson and Isaac Jones

August Wright

Kevin Zhu

Noah Zatir

Nic Bacarisse