NISD receives TCLAS grant

Nacogdoches ISD has received $470,000 in direct grant funds from the Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports to help with Paraprofessional Certification and Education ($70,000) as well as the Vetted Texas Tutor Corps Program Subsidy ($400,000).

TCLAS utilizes state and federal money to provide targeted support available for school districts to accelerate student learning in the wake of COVID-19.

“Our Teaching & Learning team did an outstanding job writing the proposal for this grant,” said NISD Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo. “This is much-needed money that will provide targeted support for students who are most in need.”

The program includes rigorous, high-quality instructional materials designed to make up ground and master grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements. It’s also designed to provide assistance to teachers in the classroom with additional support.

Funding also helps pay for more instruction time for students identified as most in need, including expanding learning in the summer and targeted tutoring that takes place after the school day.

Strategic planning assistance provided by TCLAS will help districts prioritize, launch and continuously improve learning acceleration tactics for students in need of catching up because of COVID-19’s negative impact on learning.

Over the next few weeks, NISD administrators will be participating in mandatory webinars with TEA to acquire additional information regarding the two areas related to the grant.