NISD ag students

Nacogdoches ISD students placed high in rankings at the Pineywoods Fair last week. Several students showing rabbits are also part of NISD’s elementary and middle school grades.

Payton Pierce - 1st in Class
Cody Claude - 2nd in Class
Amanda Alger - 3rd in Class

Ag Mechanics
Vertical Smoker - 2nd
Mobile Welding Trailer - 2nd

Market Rabbits
10th place Courtney Claude
12th place Ryan Jenkins

Breeder Rabbits

Courtney Claude Grand Champion Buck of show

New Zealand Rabbits
Best of Breed Buck and Doe Courtney Claude

Holland Lops Rabbits
Best of Breed Doe Courtney Claude

Cinnamon Rabbits
Cody Claude Best of Breed Buck
Payton Pierce Best of Breed Doe
Huston Dial 1st in Sr Doe
Chad Hall 2nd place Jr Buck
Trezher Roberts 1st place Jr Buck
Connor McAninch 2nd place Jr Doe

Silver Rabbits
Kelsi Salas Best of Breed Doe
Elizah Esparza 2nd in Class Sr. Buck

Mini Rex
Asia Koulurus 2nd place Sr Buck
Andriana Taylor 3rd place Sr Buck
Destiny Taylor 3rd place Sr Doe
Kelsi Salas 4th and 6th place Sr Doe
Amanda Alger 5th place Sr Doe
Ashley Luna Sr Doe
Jimmie Spies 4th place Jr Buck
Briza Zuniga 5th place Jr Buck
Yasmin Hernandez 1st place Jr Doe
Maria Hernandez 3rd place Jr Doe
Kaylee Clayton Jr Doe
Samual Spies Jr Doe