Parent meeting set for two-way dual language program

Nacogdoches ISD’s Two-Way Dual Language Program will be offered at Thomas J. Rusk Elementary for the 2022-23 academic year. A parent informational meeting will be held at 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 19 at Thomas J. Rusk Elementary School, 411 Mound St.

Parents wanting their incoming kindergarten students to participate in the Two-Way Dual Language Program at Thomas J. Rusk must complete an application process at initial entry and complete with the dual language placement agreement conditions. Applications for the program are available starting on April 19 and can be found on our website at The application deadline is May 27.

Two-Way Dual Language Program, also referred to as two-way immersion, is an educational model in which both native English speakers and native Spanish speakers receive instruction together in both languages to promote second language acquisition, high academic achievement, and cross-cultural understanding for all students. Language learning at the campus takes place primarily through content instruction.

Benefits of two-way dual language instruction include,

  • Opening a pathway to bilingualism
  • Intellectual growth
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Increment of listening skills
  • Development of language and cognitive skills
  • Enhancement of interpersonal communication
  • Development of flexible thinking